Aviva private medical insurance spotlight

December 18, 2019
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Aviva private medical insurance spotlight

Aviva was founded in the year 2000 and offers a range of services relating to insurance such as car, home, life and health. They also offer ‘essentials’ policies that won’t cover you for as much as a medical insurance policy, but they may be a cost-effective option to access specific areas of care. Aviva has a network of around 800 hospitals across the UK for their customers, with various hospital lists depending on where you need access. Read on for our independent overview of what you can expect from Aviva health insurance.

Please note: the information presented in this blog is correct as of 21st May 2021 and has been sourced directly from https://www.aviva.co.uk/.

An introduction to Aviva’s medical insurance - Healthier Solutions

Aviva also offers health insurance policies alongside their health essentials options. Their health insurance, named Healthier Solutions, is a flexible option designed to pay for the treatment of acute medical conditions. Healthier Solutions covers you more than if you were to opt for Health Essentials, and you have the option of adding additional cover to your plan. 

Aviva health insurance benefits

Aviva health insurance offers policyholders access to a range of unique benefits and moratorium options to help personalise their policy. Every policy has a core cover that can be added to or stripped back to reduce the premium. Here are the features that benefit Aviva policyholders:

The Aviva network

The Aviva network refers to the hospitals and health facilities that are accessible through an Aviva health insurance policy. Providers that aren’t recognised by Aviva won’t be covered. This is to ensure their policyholders are being treated in a way that matches Aviva’s requirements for value and quality. In the event of requiring treatment, Aviva will advise you on eligible treatment facilities.

Private Healthcare Information Network

As an Aviva policyholder, you have access to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN). You’ll find independent information about the quality and price of private treatments available. For more information, please visit phin.org.uk.

NHS amenity beds

An NHS amenity bed is a private room within an NHS facility. If you receive treatment that’s included within your policy through the NHS as an inpatient or outpatient and occupy an amenity bed, Aviva will reimburse policyholders for the cost of the bed.

Aviva Customers Riding A Bike In The Park


Myhealthcounts is an online tool that has been developed to help policyholders understand the correlation between their lifestyle and current health. After completing a questionnaire, policyholders will be given a score that reflects their current health situation. You then have the option to complete a 12-week programme that has been tailored to your lifestyle. Upon completing and improving your score, you may be eligible for up to a 15% discount on your renewal premium.


MyAviva is an online platform for policyholders to view and take actions relating to their health insurance policy. Here are some of the things it allows you to do at the touch of a button:

  1. View your policy details, such as what you’re covered for and benefits.
  2. Track your policy excess and outpatient benefits.
  3. Start, update or arrange a callback relating to a claim.
  4. Access useful FAQs and guidance.
  5. Receive a 20% existing customer discount on eligible new Aviva products.

Health and fitness club discount

Up to 25% discount on memberships to gyms and health clubs that have teamed up with Aviva across the UK.

Aviva DigitalGP

Aviva DigitalGP gives you around the clock access to the following GP related services:

  1. GP video consultations.
  2. Choose your GP by language and gender.
  3. Opt for the same GP on all appointments.
  4. Request repeat NHS prescriptions with free delivery.
  5. Medication reminder service built-in.
  6. Directly message a GP or pharmacist.
  7. Paediatric consultations, up to 10 children per member.

24/7 stress counselling helpline

Experienced counsellors are available 24hours a day to talk to you if you’re experiencing stress, need someone to talk to and you’re over 16 years old.

Family discounts

By adding two or more children under 20 to your personal health insurance policy, you'll only pay for the eldest until they turn 20. Additionally, when adding your partner to your policy, you both pay less than if you were to both take out individual policies.

Aviva cancer cover

Cancer cover is included as standard with every Healthier Solutions health insurance policy, subject to your policy underwriting. You may be covered for cancer treatment and palliative care following a specialist recommendation, as well as extensive aftercare coverage such as dietitian consultations and money towards prostheses and wigs should they be required. Here’s a list of the coverage you’ll receive:

  1. Hospital charges relating to surgery and admissions - in full.
  2. Fees where specialists are required - in full.
  3. NHS cancer cash benefit - £100 limit per day.
  4. Post-surgery services - in full.
  5. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy - in full.
  6. Bone strengthening drugs - in full.
  7. Specialist advised side-effect treatment - in full.
  8. Molecular profiling - in full.
  9. Wigs - up to £100.
  10. External prostheses - up to £5000.
  11. Bone marrow transplants - in full.
  12. Stem cell transplants - in full.
  13. Monitoring - up to 10 years after treatment.
  14. Ongoing medical needs - up to 5 years after treatment.
  15. End of life:
    a. Hospital care if medically necessary - in full.
    b. Hospice donations - £100 per night, up to a £10,000 limit.
    c. Registered charity donations - £50 per day, up to a £10,000 limit.

Aviva Policyholder Exploring

Policy flexibility

Aviva health insurance is offered in a way that means you can either enhance or reduce the cover available to you. Any changes may affect your premium depending on whether you’re increasing your cover or opting for a premium reduction option.

Enhancement options:

Add these onto your core cover to increase your coverage. The following additions will increase your policy premium in comparison to if you opt for the core cover only.

  1. Mental health treatment - in the event you’re diagnosed with an acute psychiatric condition, you’re covered for both inpatient and outpatient treatments. You will receive up to £2,000 of cover for GP-referred outpatient mental health treatment as standard. You’ll be covered in full if you require accommodation and nursing, and will get up to £210 allowance a week towards specialists fees for inpatient treatment.
  2. Dental and optical - you’ll be covered for routine dental treatment and optical expense up to the following limits:
    a. Accidental dental injury - up to £600.
    b. Routine dental treatment - £250 with a £50 excess.
    c. Optical benefit - £150 with a £50 excess.
  3. Complementary therapies - treatment for therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy if you’re referred by your GP in the event of an injury such as sporting or whiplash up to the following limits:
    a. GP referred treatment - up to 10 sessions total.
    b. GP minor surgery - up to £100 towards each procedure.
  4. Protected no claims - for an additional premium, you have the option to protect your no claim discount. If you’re switching from another insurer, you may have the option to add future protection, subject to T&C.
  5. Choice of hospital list - your core cover will include coverage for the key hospital list as standard. However, you can enhance your cover by opting for an extended list.

Premium reduction options:

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the premium of your health insurance policy, Aviva gives you the following options to customise and change what you’re covered for:

  1. Six weeks option - Six-week policy options mean that if you’re able to receive inpatient or outpatient treatment through the NHS within 6 weeks of diagnosis, you won’t be covered for private treatment under your insurance policy. Waits over 6 weeks will be covered by prompt treatment at an Aviva confirmed private facility, and outpatient consultations are unaffected by the 6week restriction.
  2. Reduced outpatient cover - You can opt for different levels of outpatient cover of £0, £500 or £1000 limit options. Reduced outpatient cover will not limit your cancer cover.
    a. £0 limit - CT, MRI and PET scans at diagnostic centres.
    b. £500 limit - The above, plus coverage for consultations with an approved specialist, diagnostic tests and treatment, GP referred complementary therapies and psychiatric outpatient treatments.
    c. £1000 limit - The above, with an additional £500 limit towards any of the above outpatient treatments.
    d. All limits - All reduced outpatient covers will limit your overseas emergency cover, surgical dental procedures and treatments relating to pregnancy or childbirth complications.
  3. Choice of excess - Your excess is an amount agreed at the start of your policy that you’ll pay towards any policy claims. By increasing your excess, your policy premium may reduce. Aviva gives you the following options of excess: £100, £200, £500, £100, £3000 and £5000.
  4. Reduced hospital list - Similarly to how you’re able to upgrade your hospital list, you also have the option to reduce it to the following options:
    a. Signature hospital list - Access to private hospitals in Scotland and Northern Ireland ONLY.
    b. Trust hospital list - Coverage for NHS Trust private patient units and partnerships hospitals. This option is only available if you live within an eligible catchment area.

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Underwriting refers to what treatment will be included or excluded as part of your policy. The best moratorium depends on your health history and current requirements. Aviva offers the following underwriting options:

  1. Full medical underwriting - You’ll be asked questions about your past health and pre-existing conditions. They’ll be excluded unless agreed otherwise; additional information be asked from your GP.
  2. Moratorium underwriting - automatic exclusions for any pre-existing conditions if you’ve had symptoms, medication, treatment, diagnosis or advice within the past 5 years. After purchasing a policy, you may be eligible for future coverage of the medical condition in question if 2 years have passed since you’ve received any of the above tests or treatments.

Continued underwriting

If you’re transferring from an existing policy, you may be able to apply for a continuation of your previous moratorium. You’ll need to sign a declaration confirming the following:

  • You haven’t received any treatments, tests or consultations in the past 12 months, nor are there any pending.
  • If you’ve had any treatment or tests relating to cancer, heart or circulatory problems within the past 5 years, you’ll need to provide this information.
  • If you’re opting for enhanced psychiatric cover, you’ll need to provide information detailing your mental illness history.

Aviva offers the following continuation options:

  1. Continued medical exclusions - you may be eligible to apply if you’re transferring from an existing medically underwritten insurance plan. The same exclusions will be in effect, but you may have the option to add additional exclusions if you answer medical declaration questions favourably.
  2. Continued moratorium - you may have the option of continuing your moratorium if you’re transferring from an existing policy written on a moratorium basis.

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Claims process

It’s important to understand the claims process of any potential health insurance provider. If you do purchase an Aviva policy, here’s what the claims process would look like for you:

Step 1: Consult your GP. If you’re then referred for further assessment or treatment, contact Aviva before attending to ensure the claim is covered.

Step 2: If you require treatment following a consultation, contact Aviva via the customer helpline who will help to set up your claim and advise you on the network facilities or hospitals you can be treated at within your policy.

Step 3: If you require treatment or surgery, request a procedure code and inform Aviva to confirm whether you’re covered for the treatment.

In the event that you receive eligible treatment and make a claim, Aviva will settle the bill directly. You’ll be contacted if you need to pay any fees or excess payments.

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Health essentials

Health essentials are standalone products that enhance the care available through the NHS. They won’t cover you for as many medical conditions or treatments as a full private health insurance policy, but they may be a cheaper alternative for someone looking for reduced cover.

Aviva cancer essentials

Cancer essentials are there to provide increased support in the event of cancer diagnosis. Here’s what’s included:

  1. £5,000 cash payout when you’re diagnosed with cancer.
  2. Up to £100,000 towards drugs recommended by a specialist that are otherwise unavailable through the NHS on financial grounds.
  3. Cancer advice helpline to support you on your journey from a dedicated personal nurse adviser. 

Prices start from £2.03 per month for a non-smoking 18-year old, and the price will increase depending on your age.

Aviva physio essentials

Physio essentials are there to help you recover from injuries through treatment and recovery programmes. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Face-to-face physiotherapy sessions from a local network.
  2. Virtual physiotherapy sessions for accessing expert advice from anywhere.
  3. Telephone clinical assessments, up to a maximum of 5 per year per person.

Physio essentials costs £14.50 per month, and anyone over the age of 18 can add their spouse, partner or civil partner for an additional premium.

Aviva critical illness cover

Critical illness cover is another alternative to purchasing a health insurance policy, and it aims to provide financial support following the diagnosis of 1 of the 53 illnesses covered. It also includes the following benefits:

  1. Lump-sum payment if you’re diagnosed with an illness covered by the policy and the condition lasts for 10 days or more.
  2. 53 different illnesses and conditions covered.
  3. If your child is diagnosed or undergoes surgery for a critical illness covered, Aviva will also cover this.
  4. Easy to split your policy into two single policies in the event that you split up from your partner.
  5. The option to choose a length of cover from 5 to 50 years.
  6. Cover limit of up to £1million to support eligible critical illnesses.

The price you pay for critical illness cover will vary, however half of all Aviva customers pay £20 or less per month.

How to get Aviva private medical insurance

There are several options available to anyone considering Aviva as their medical insurance provider. You can purchase it through them directly, or utilise one of the intermediaries that offer policies on behalf of Aviva.

By using an intermediary, you may find it easier to compare your options across other providers and ask questions relating to the industry as a whole. Intermediaries should offer you independent advice and negotiate your policy for you, helping you to purchase the most competitive and best-fitting insurance depending on your needs. Because every health insurance provider is unique, we recommend that you read our health insurance providers blog to learn about some of the common differences.

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