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Independent health insurance comparison from industry experts.

Compare private medical insurance policies

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Why should I compare my private health insurance options?

Whether it’s your first time comparing health insurance or you’re due for renewal and think you can get a better deal elsewhere, going through a comparison process helps you to access the best private health insurance policy available to you. In short, if you’re looking for the most competitive policy, you should be comparing the private medical insurance policies available to you across every provider in the UK.

Why chose an independent broker for your health insurance comparison?

As independent health insurance brokers, we’re not biased towards one provider or policy offering over another. When comparing private health insurance quotes, we work with every provider in the UK, meaning that we’ve considered every policy available to you before presenting you with your most competitive offer. Being independent also allows us to answer questions on all available providers, helping you to understand the differences between each if you require more information following your comparison request.

Full Market Comparison

Access to every provider in the UK when comparing your health insurance.

Specialist Advice

Specialists in comparing private health insurance, with over 30 years combined experience

Bespoke To You

A bespoke comparison service for every enquiry to find the most competitive policy.

Ongoing Service

Dedicated account manager for your comparison quote and any questions.

Trying to get the right health insurance at a competitive price as an individual is almost impossible. Equity Health was instrumental in delivering a policy that not only had everything demanded, but was priced correctly for my personal circumstances. Well done!
- Trusted customer, Feefo

What differences can I expect when comparing providers?

One reason we encourage anyone considering health insurance to compare their options, either as a first-time policyholder or renewing customer, is because there are distinct differences between the health insurance providers available. Here are some of the most common differences you’ll find when comparing private medical insurance:

  • Hospital locations & lists
  • Available treatments
  • Drug accessibility
  • Members benefits
  • Monthly premium & excess
  • Underwriting options
  • Policy extras

When comparing the private medical insurance policies available, you may have the option to change elements of your policy, such as the number of hospitals you have access to. We’ll take this into account when comparing health insurance for you, but here are some of the common considerations.

What impacts the cost of your private medical insurance comparison?

  • The age of all individuals included in the policy
  • How much excess you’re willing to pay in the event of a claim
  • The level or range of cover you opt for, such as fully comprehensive or NHS 6-week wait option
  • Your medical history and lifestyle habits

How does my medical insurance comparison work?

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