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When was the last time you reviewed your policy?

If you're approaching the end of your health insurance contract, it may be beneficial to start considering whether you're going to renew your policy with your current provider or compare your options elsewhere. You'll sometimes be notified by your provider at least 1 month before your contract expiring that it's time to renew, but you can start comparing your options at any time throughout your contract.

As Health Insurance policies renew annually and premiums change, it's important to ensure your policy is still meeting your requirements and is affordable. Here at Equity Health, we provide an extensive review service to ensure you're paying the right amount for your chosen cover.

Have you received your Health Insurance Renewal?

We have fantastic relationships with the UK's leading insurance providers and will dedicate time to find the right solution for you.

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Why review your plan?

  • The FCA encourage an annual review.
  • Have the peace of mind your policy is still competitive in the market.
  • You could save money.
  • You could improve your cover.

Provider health insurance renewal process

The process to renew your health insurance policy will vary per provider, but it may happen as follows:

  1. Your current policy provider contacts you, informing you that your policy will soon be ready to renew. Some insurers may offer you a renewal quote there and then, but others will provide you with the information to get in touch about your new policy.
  2. If you were not offered a renewal quote, your provider would assess your existing contract before offering you a new policy. You may find that elements of your policy change. For example, if you have suffered from a medical condition or there have been alterations to health insurance regulations, your renewal contract may reflect this in price and exclusions.
  3. Once the provider has had the opportunity to assess your renewal policy, taking into account any changes that they’ve had to make and alterations you have requested, they will decide whether or not to offer you a renewal contract, and if so, under what terms.
  4. It is then up to you to decide whether to agree to the renewal contract or if you'd prefer to opt for a policy from another provider.
We strongly advise that you compare your policy options come renewal against the one offered by your provider. It may seem easier to renew, but there may be more competitive options available to you. We can help to negotiate your renewal terms by going through the following process:

How Equity Health handles your renewal


Complete our online form

Complete the ‘Renewal Quote’ form to schedule a time to speak to one our qualified advisors.

Speak to an advisor

Discuss your personal requirements in-depth and ensure your current policy meets your needs and budgets. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to change in your renewal policy.

Whole of market

We research the market comparing the features and benefits of the UK's leading insurers to find a solution to either save you money, increase your benefits, or a combination of the two.

Select your policy

Once we find a solution, we will talk you through any advantages or disadvantages followed up with a full written recommendation to make an informed decision.

Medical underwriting and renewals

When you first take out a health insurance policy, you will be given an underwriting start date. Come renewal, even if you wish to change insurers, you may have the option to continue with your original underwriting terms. However, if you have developed a health condition during your policy, changing your provider may lead to a medical exclusion being included on your policy. If this is a concern of yours, then we may recommend that you renew with your existing insurer. Every insurer has slightly different acceptance criteria, so while one policy option may include an exclusion, another insurer may offer you a policy without applying one. Please bear in mind that for any continuation of cover, you’ll need to have your certificate of insurance on hand.

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Advantages of renewing through us

As an independent broker that can offer a whole of market review, we provide you unbiased advice on all of the options available. We’re able to compare the policies available for you and, for example, if you find that one provider applies an exclusion to your renewal policy, we may be able to find you a provider that will cover the treatment. If a medical exclusion is a necessity for your health insurance policy, we’ll gather information from you in an attempt to have the exclusion specific to your illness. This may be beneficial to you as an otherwise broad exclusion could restrict your access to certain treatments that aren’t directly correlated to your medical history.

Once you are happy to proceed we take care of everything for you, providing ongoing support and ensuring that the process of moving providers is as smooth as possible and hassle free.

Appoint us for your health insurance renewal

By appointing us on your policy this will enable us to negotiate the best terms with your current provider and competitors.

A tailored personal service that saved me money with my existing provider without any hassle. I would strongly recommend them to others.
- Trusted customer, Feefo

You will also benefit from the following services free of charge:

  • An annual review of your health insurance policy to support you with future renewals.
  • Free advice and support.
  • Access to our 'recommend a friend' scheme.
  • Your own dedicated account manager who will be on hand to help you negotiate the price with your current insurer.

How to appoint us?

Download the following form to appoint us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our dedicated team are here to help.

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