Family health insurance

Family life can be a rollercoaster of fun and drama, but above everything else, the health of your family is always a priority.
July 17, 2019
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What is family private medical insurance?

Family private medical insurance covers members of your family (usually in the same household) for private treatment and services for a monthly or annual premium. Depending on your policy options chosen, you’ll have access to various hospitals, specialists and the numerous benefits of health insurance. Most providers will offer you a single policy with the same inclusions, exclusions and underwriting for each member of the family, subject to T&C.

How does it differ from standard health insurance?

Most health insurance policies will cover a single person for treatment, diagnosis and aftercare depending on the benefits they have chosen for the individual requirements. Their policy is built around their medical needs, and the coverage they’re offered depends on their medical history. If you’d like to learn more about individual health insurance policies, read our blog how does private health insurance work?

Family health insurance, on the other hand, means that members of your family are all included on one policy. Everyone within the policy has access to the same level of cover and policy options, subject to T&C. It’s sometimes a much more affordable option compared to purchasing a policy for each individual, as sometimes a family discount is given. If you have one or more children and would like everyone insured, often family health insurance is the best way for you to cover all of your family for the most competitive price.

What are the benefits of family health insurance?

One of the main benefits for family health insurance is that it’s usually a cheaper alternative, but there are also provider-specific benefits on offer when you purchase a family policy. Here’s an example of some you’ll find:

  1. Peace-of-mind that your family are covered in the event of ill health
  2. You only handle one premium payment for the entire family, meaning it’s easier to manage your policy compared to multiple individual ones.
  3. Some providers will allow you to add new family members on the policy.
  4. It’s usually cheaper than if you were to buy individual policies for each family member
  5. Many health care insurers have benefits unique to them that you can access
  6. It can be a more straightforward solution if you’re already planning to get health insurance for everyone

Choosing the right provider for family health insurance depends on what’s valuable for you. Not all health care providers will offer a family discount, so we advise that you compare your options before making a purchase.

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BUPA family health insurance*

BUPA family health insurance revolves around ensuring your family has fast access to treatment and supporting you in the event of a health complication. Here are the BUPA benefits list:

  1. BUPA cancer promise - if you’re diagnosed with cancer, BUPA will support you throughout the treatment process. You’ll have access to breakthrough cancer drugs and treatments that may otherwise be unavailable through the NHS.
  2. They aim to provide the highest level of support and information, as well as counselling and access to oncology specialists.
  3. Fast access to treatment - if you’re worried, or experiencing symptoms, you can call BUPA directly for advice from their dedicated team of trained advisors. This can usually happen before seeing your GP.
  4. Anytime Healthline - 24/7 phone consultation available with a nurse and a GP if required if you experience specific symptoms.
  5. Rewards - discounted tickets and special offers for family days out across the UK.

*All information has been taken directly from BUPA and is correct as of 17/07/2019. Terms and conditions apply.

AXA family health insurance*

AXA family health insurance focuses on helping new families and supporting them through the early stages of family life. Here are the main benefits AXA detail:

  1. Free cover for new arrivals - if you have a new child, they’ll be covered (with restrictions) up until your policy renewal date.
  2. Midwife reassurance - you may have access to a fully-trained midwife to answer any questions and to check in on how you and your newborn are getting on.
  3. Accommodation when your child’s in hospital - If your child is receiving treatment covered by health insurance, you’ll receive financial support to stay in the hospital and at a nearby hotel if needed.
  4. Help at hand - 24/7 access to an experienced health at hand nurse, as well as online resources and the ability to request a follow-up call.

*All information has been taken directly from AXA and is correct as of 17/07/2019. Terms and conditions apply.

Aviva family health insurance*

Aviva family health insurance is geared towards giving you access to digital GP services when you need them, offering a discount to couples and making it affordable to add younger children onto a policy. Here’s what they state:

  1. Digital GP - Access to a 24/7 consultation service with in-app chat and support from a pharmacy. You can also use this service to order repeat prescriptions.
  2. Members benefits - 25% discount for family members to health and fitness clubs across the UK.
  3. Reduced couple cost - You’ll pay 9% less by adding your partner to your policy in comparison to taking out an individual one.
  4. Free for younger kids - when adding 2 or more children aged 19 or under, Aviva will only charge you for the eldest.

*All information has been taken directly from Aviva and is correct as of 17/07/2019. Terms and conditions apply.

What to consider about family health insurance

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of family health insurance for you and those close to you, there are a few things to take into account that may affect your decision.

  1. Some providers will have a minimum and/or maximum age of members on the policy
  2. Elderly family members may lead to a higher premium.
  3. Family members with unique health conditions or past medical history may restrict the coverage available to others on the policy.
  4. Are there specific illnesses that you’re concerned about that are a must-have inclusion for your policy? If so, discuss with us, and we can advise you before purchasing a policy.

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